I previously wrote about the best CBD oil in the UK, while now I’m diving deeper into the best CBD tea you can purchase. I love consuming it in tea form, an incredibly relaxing option in the evening and helping to alleviate any stress and improve your quality of sleep. In fact, if you would like to learn more about this, you can read my guide on how CBD affects sleep.

Product NameBrandImagePriceReviewCBD MGRatingPurchaseQuantity
Golden DreamBrothers Apothecarybrothers-apothecary£15.99Review Article62.79.03
English BreakfastGourmet CBD Infused£11.95Review Article3.48.2
Turmeric & Ginger InfusionBuddha Teascbd turmeric ginger infusion£16.99Review Article58.118
Chamomile BlendBuddha Teascbd chamomile tea£16.99Review Article58.018
Tranquil CBD TeaHapi Hemphapi-hemp-tea£18.99Review Article107.945-50
Matcha Green Tea BlendBuddha Teascbd-matcha-green£16.99Review Article57.918
Turmeric & GingerGourmet CBD Infusedturmeric-ginger-tea£11.95Review Article3.46.912
CBD Peppermint InfusionBuddha Teaspeppermint infusion£16.9956.118

Choosing The Right CBD Tea

Quantity Of CBD

It is easy to be swayed by your favourite flavours, but you should consider how much CBD you plan on consuming in a day so you know how many mugs to make and whether you’re reaching the right quantity.

Caffeine Content

The time of day you plan on drinking the tea should be important in your purchasing decisions. For example, the chamomile blend is a great option if you drink it in the evening, however the matcha green tea wouldn’t be so great with copious amounts of caffeine.

Brewing Time

I can’t express this enough, however long it recommends on the side of the pack, double it. They will often state 3-5 minutes brewing time, but I had to write a paper on green tea back in the day and the quantity of antioxidants in the drink increased based on how long you allowed it to brew. For this reason, it was recommendable to wait 10 minutes to ensure you have got the full benefit of the drink. Don’t cut yourself short and get impatient.

Economies Of Scale

I have listed prices, but some of the brands offer deals if you buy in bulk, such as 3 or 6 boxes, which makes it cheaper per cup. If you get multiple flavours, it means you can split your risk and invest in a wide selection.


You may notice I might have been slightly harsh to the turmeric & ginger flavoured tea, if you have tried one like this before in the past and you liked it then please go right ahead, but personally I’m not as big a fan of the flavour compared to any of the other options. Turmeric is incredibly healthy, recognised nowadays as a superfood ingredient, however the taste is quite intense for me.

If you’re looking for the closest thing to your normal brew then English Breakfast is a good option, while if you want a powerful hit of CBD then expect that CBD smell/flavour. I actually quite like that taste, I have become accustomed to it and generally prefer that over flavoured options nowadays.


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