Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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With the laws changing globally and politicians feeling the pressure from the media, there will be plenty of news relating to CBD I will try to post here, in order to keep everyone up to date.


White Label World Expo – Media Partnership

I’m incredibly honoured to announce that CBD Sloth is now a media partner for the White Label World Expo, a brilliant event...

The Controversy Around Theresa May’s Husband And His CBD Company

One of the biggest steps forward was taken in the summer of 2018, when Charlotte Caldwell’s situation with her epileptic son having his cannabis...

CBD and Cryptocurrency – What You Need To Know

I started dabbling in cryptocurrencies back in September 2020, after years of my mate talking about it and raving about how much...

World CBD Awards 2022: Media Partnership

I am very happy and honoured to say CBD Sloth will be a media partner for the World CBD Awards 2022! Below...

2 Year Anniversary Of CBD Sloth

The last couple of years has blown by, as CBD Sloth has evolved from a site to chase cowboys who were advertising...
cbd wedding

The Rise Of The CBD Wedding

There has always been a desire to have a unique and exciting wedding, however the latest trend seems to be all around...

National CBD Day 2021

Very soon we will be celebrating this glorious and curious industry we’ve all found ourselves in, with the National CBD Day 2021,...

4/20 Hyde Park 2022

Considered the biggest weed festival in the world, 420 Hyde Park is a chance to celebrate cannabis in an open and relaxed...
1 year anniversary

1 Year Anniversary Of CBD Sloth

It seems bizarre to think a whole year has passed since I launched the site, but it has been a huge year...

The Best CBD Movies, Documentaries & TV Shows

CBD has become a bit of an obsession for me and I know I’m certainly not the only one! From testing products...
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