There are so many CBD oils available in the UK, it is hard to know where to start or which one to choose from. Here I will try to detail all of the different CBD oil’s I have tried, their various metrics and quantities and then I’ll detail below a bit of a breakdown on what you should be considering.

Product NameProduct ImageRatingReviewPriceCBD MGFlavourSize MLCarrier OilPurchase
Montana No.1 CBDmontana-no1-cbd9.0Blog Review£751,500Unflavoured15MCT oil
Orange County CBD Oilorange county cbd oil9.0Blog Review£601,500Unflavoured30MCT OilBuy Me
Elitemii Premium CBD Oilelitemii-cbd-oil8.9Blog Review£55.992,000Unflavoured10Virgin Hemp OilBuy Me
Hapi Hemphapi-hemp-oil8.8Blog Review£56.991,500Unflavoured10MCT oil
Sativum CBD Oilsativum CBD8.8Blog Review£89.952,500Unflavoured10Hemp Seed OilBuy Me
CBDFX Lychee Lemon Kiwi Hempcbdfx-lychee-oil8.7Blog Review£29.99500Lychee Lemon Kiwi30MCT oilBuy Me
Eir Health No.30eir-health-no308.6Blog Review£1483,000Unflavoured30MCT oilBuy Me
Flora Farmacy CBD Oilflora farmacy cbd oil8.5Blog Review£49.991,000Unflavoured10MCT OilBuy Me
I Am Truthi am truth cbd oil8.4Blog Review£49.991,000Unflavoured10
Four Five CBD Oilfourfive CBD Oil8.3Blog Review£29.99500Unflavoured500MCT OilBuy Me
The Beemine Lab CBD Oil Fortebeeminelab cbd oil8.2Blog Review€42.501,000Unflavoured10SunflowerBuy Me
All Round CBD Turmeric Infused Hemp Oilturmeric infused hemp oil8.1Blog Review£34.99500Turmeric10MCT oil
All Round CBD Hemp Oil Originalhemp oil original8.0Blog Review£39.991,000Unflavoured10MCT Oil
Tailored Wellbeing CBD Cherry Dropscherry-drops7.9Blog Review£59.991,000Cherry Drops30MCT OilBuy Me
Tailored Wellbeing Berry Blissberry bliss cbd oil7.8Blog Review£59.991,000Berry Bliss30MCT OilBuy Me
Harmony CBD Oilmeetharmony cbd oil premium7.7Blog Review£33.051,000Unflavoured30MCT & Olive OilBuy Me
CBDFX Lemon Lime Mintcbd-lemon-lime-mint7.6Blog Review£29.99500Lemon Lime Mint30MCT OilBuy Me
CBDFX Hemp + MCT Oilcbdfx-hemp-mct-oil7.5Blog Review£29.99500Unflavoured30MCT OilBuy Me
Tailored Wellbeing Electric Lemonelectric lemon cbd oil7.5Blog Review£59.991,000Lemon30MCT OilBuy Me
Tailored Wellbeing Tropical Dazetropical daze cbd oil7.4Blog Review£59.991,000Tropical Daze30MCT OilBuy Me
Celtic Wind CBD Oilceltic wind cbd oil7.8Blog Review£99.992,000Unflavoured20-
Superganix Hemp Oilsuperganix-17.3Blog Review$59.99500Mint30Buy Me
V Savi CBD Drops7.3Blog Review£27.99500Unflavoured10Olive OilBuy Me
Raya Organics Multivitamin CBD Oilraya-organics-cbd-oil7.3Blog Review£34.99500Natural Flavourings30MCT oilBuy Me
American Indican Blueberry OGblueberry-og-27.2Blog ReviewNA500Blueberry30MCT oil
CBD One Absorb Pure+absorb plus+7.1Blog Review£69.99800Unflavoured10
Hemptouch CBD Oil Amberhemptouch-amber7.0Blog Review£32500Unflavoured10Olive OilBuy Me
American Indican G-Daddy Purpsamerican indican grape6.9Blog ReviewNA500grape and berry30MCT oil
Cubid CBDcubid cbd oil6.8Blog Review£34.99500Peppermint30-
Evopure Full Spectrum Hemp Oilevopure_single_bottle-e15796.7Blog Review£24.99300Unflavoured10Buy Me
All Round CBD Lemon Hemp Oillemon hemp oil6.6Blog Review£29.99500Lemon10MCT oil
Truverra Organic CBD Oiltruverra cbd oil6.5Blog Review£22.99300Unflavoured10
All Round CBD Peppermint Hemp Oilall-round-peppermint6.4Blog Review£19.99250Peppermint10MCT oil
Uncle Bud's Industrial Hempuncle-buds-26.3Blog Review£71.99750Peppermint30-
Love CBDlove cbd product6.2Blog Review£28.99500Unflavoured20Olive OilBuy Me

Choosing The Right One


You need to remember that price is relative. I considered putting up a consistent size and quantity of CBD so that you got a clear image of price in comparison, but the fact is I have tried these at different quantities and they don’t all offer the exact same sizes and quantities of CBD.

You shouldn’t let price be the biggest factor, there are so many more important elements to focus on, however if you are starting out and don’t want to spend too much then there are some cheaper options. You can rest assured I won’t list any low quality brands you should avoid, so no dodgy ones at extremely low prices and questionable lab results

Lab Results

When going on their website, they should either detail out their third party lab results, or you should be able to request them very easily. If you can’t get hold of them, then this should ring alarm bells in your head. I certainly wouldn’t trust a single brand that didn’t provide them for me when I was reviewing the products. I’ve written a guide to reading a certificate of analysis, as I know it has left a lot of people stumped when they first see it. In fact, it left me a little fuzzled the first time, but looking at them on a daily basis has made it all a little easier.


In general, I prefer an unflavoured option, as these are better value for money and tend to go a lot further, with much greater results. Having said that, a lot of people struggle with the taste of CBD oil, therefore it can help opting for a flavoured option. I’m not sure why peppermint seems to be the go-to flavour, but I’m yet to try a different flavour option.

Carrier Oil

You’ll notice I’ve highlighted carrier oil as a consideration, this is because I don’t think enough people look into this. In multiple studies, the best option to enhance bio availability is MCT oil, which is something I consume at the same time as taking the CBD oil. You need some form of fat source, while many of the brands use olive oil, not too bad but definitely not as good as MCT oil. I have also written a guide on the best carrier oil for CBD oil.

Different Consumption Methods

I’m covering the best CBD oil’s in the UK within this article, however you’re not limited to oils. They are easily one of the best forms, but if you’re not a fan of an oil then you have many options available to you.

Some people prefer to have an exact quantity each day, which is where capsules can be a more precise option. I’m not very good at swallowing them, so I’m always trying to avoid reviewing these where possible.

If you would prefer to naturally add CBD into your daily routine, then a CBD tea or coffee could be an interesting option. You might be wondering why you can’t just drop some of the oil in your tea, but it needs to be taken sublingually, while it will often float at the top of the tea and affect the taste. On the other hand, these tea’s and coffee’s have been perfectly formulated to have a higher bioavailability and to taste nice.

I’m inevitably a huge fan of the gummies, or any sweets for that matter! The amount of edible options are constantly increasing, with plenty of options to match your requirements, whether that’s some vegan friendly, sugar free or packing a higher quantity of CBD per gummy.

Keeping Up To Date

I am testing a huge amount of products and have a backlog of products waiting to be reviewed, therefore this page will be updated regularly to ensure any new CBD oils are considered in the list.

I will also be doing follow up guides on the best CBD edibles and the best CBD teas, so make sure to look out for them.


I’ve certainly not tried them all (there must be thousands in the UK alone), therefore if you have a recommendation, please do send it in to me and I’d love to give it a try and add it to the list, along with a review article.

The Best Options

Below I’ll go into a little more detail about my top options that I’ve listed above.

1) Montana No.1 CBD

I like to take CBD oil to help me sleep, while this one had me out like a light switch each night, much better than any other I’ve tried. It packs a hefty 1,500mg of CBD, plus it uses MCT oil as the carrier oil. The price is quite high, especially if you’re trying CBD oil for the first time, but I can certainly say it is worth it. This is a young brand that have got it right straight off the bat.

2) Orange County CBD

This was a mindblowing option, the only one that I’ve tried that could compete with Montana. But this isn’t a surprise, as I have been impressed with their entire product range, from the gummies to the e-liquid. They’ve been sweeping home the awards over the past couple of years and I can see plenty more coming in with new flavours being launched.

3) Elite Mii

I got these in both the 2,000mg and 1,000mg bottles and was highly impressed by them both! EliteMii is a recent addition to the list and has stormed up the leader board to an incredibly impressive position. They’re also highly competitive in price!

4) Hapi Hemp

A brilliant UK based brand with a growing product range, Hapi Hemp had 1,500mg packed into that 10ml bottle. These are a bit of a hidden gem, a brand with great products and complete traceability from seed to bottle.

5) Sativum

When it comes to ethics, this brand is right at the top, with sustainability at the core of the brands focus, making it hard not to fall in love with them. I also got to test out their strongest product, the 2,500mg CBD oil, which is certainly a great solution for someone who really needs a strong boost.

6) CBDFX Lychee Lemon Kiwi

I partly feel reluctant to rate flavoured oils to highly, as I think you can get distracted by the taste rather than whether it works or not, but I love the taste of this oil by CBDFX! The lychee is certainly the overriding flavour that comes through, quite a unique taste as I can’t say I’ve had too many lychee’s in my life.

7) Eir Health No.30

As you might have guessed, the number connects to the amount of CBD present in the bottle, with the option for a number 5 and 10 also available. This European brand has a big reputation, while they also use the leftover extract to create hemp fibre, which is then used to create biodegradable bioplastics, which I massively respect.

8) Flora Farmacy

From gummies to breakfast tea, Flora Farmacy pack some great options, even including a CBG oil! But it is their main headline, the CBD oil, that quite rightfully takes all the plaudits. You get 1,000mg of CBD for £49.99 making it a highly competitive option.

9) I Am Truth

Started by Jez Tinkler, this young brand has focused its efforts towards athletes and people in the sports industry, which is pertinent considering the amount of people taking CBD oil to help with chronic pain relief and workout recovery.

10) Four Five CBD

Started by a pair of legendary rugby players in George Kruis and Dominic Day, they wanted to create a CBD oil to help them with their constant injuries and recovery time, while they wanted to make one ideal for athletes.

11) The Beemine Lab CBD Oil Forte

This 10% CBD oil comes from Spain, where you will find this highly ethical company which puts a fair portion of their profits back towards support for bee’s and beekeepers.

12) All Round CBD Turmeric

I’m a big fan of turmeric, with curcumin being the ingredient that is an absolute game changer, a hugely healthy ingredient that i’m a big fan of. You require black pepper to ensure the curcumin is properly absorbed by your body, however they’ve successfully included this ingredient.

13) All Round Hemp Oil

The original unflavoured option by All Round CBD is a great one to consider, just coming short against the turmeric version. It worked amazingly when I took it before going to sleep so I am quite a big fan.

14) Tailored Wellbeing Cherry Drops

The taste of this one was exquisite, but I do try to hold back from rating these on flavours, as it can sway opinions away from which product actually works best. This is one of the five flavours that were sent to me, while they were all very nice.

15) Tailored Wellbeing Berry Bliss

Both myself and my girlfriend were very impressed by the flavour of the berry bliss, just missing out to their alternative cherry drops (but I do absolutely love cherry flavours). This is definitely an interesting option for those who struggle with the taste of CBD oil.

16) Meet Harmony

Using a mix of MCT and olive oil as the carrier oil, Meet Harmony have created a product which also scores highly on quantity of CBG, coming in four different concentration levels.

17) CBDFX Lemon Lime Mint

I’ve tried a few oils by CBDFX, with the lychee flavour leading out in front, but I was still very impressed with their lemon, lime and mint flavour. At £29.99, it’s competitively priced and comes in a 30ml bottle.

18) CBDFX Hemp & MCT Oil

I’ve spoken about the various flavoured options, but this 500mg option is their unflavoured CBD oil, using MCT as the carrier oil and coming in a 30ml bottle.

19) Tailored Wellbeing Electric Lemon

For those who are a fan of a tangy taste (me included) this electric lemon flavour will have you buzzing with joy, tasting similar to a lemon drizzle cake. This was my 2nd favourite by Tailored Wellbeing after their cherry drops, but it’s all a very close call.

20) Tailored Wellbeing Tropical Daze

Another by this brilliant and stylish brand, it was a close call between electric lemon and tropical daze, both tasting amazing, but from a personal perspective I just like the lemon flavour a little more.

21) Celtic Wind CBD Oil

This Irish brand is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association, with crops grown in Ireland and offering full traceability for consumers. They’ve also now ventured into CBD products for pets.

22) Superganix Hemp Oil

I found this one worked amazingly and I was a big fan, but I’m not huge on mint as a flavour, which worked against this brilliant brand, but don’t let my mint-negativity hold you back from considering this, especially if you’re a big fan of mint!

23) V Savi Drops

Another that uses olive oil, this 500mg CBD oil is full spectrum and produced within the EU, meaning you’re guaranteed the highest quality standards being met.

24) Raya Organics Multivitamin

I do love seeing CBD oil’s that combine their ingredients with other additional options and I’ve not seen many multivitamin ones before. The taste was actually really nice, while it made for a perfect supplement first thing in the morning with my breakfast.

25) American Indican Blueberry OG

Certainly a unique taste, this US based Brand are now starting to look across the pond and I was delighted to be one of the first in the UK to try the two flavours by American Indican, with this certainly the better of the two.

26) CBD One Absorb Pure+

Certainly a unique way of consuming CBD, this looks like something you’d find at the doctors but it is your usual sublingual consumption. Packed with 800mg of CBD, this was an interesting one to try, but lost points as it was a bit messy and needed cleaning after use.

27) Hemptouch Amber

This 500mg CBD oil comes with olive oil, priced at £32, while it is one of two products I tried by Hemptouch.

28) American Indican G-Daddy Purps

An unusual taste, this was an interesting product, with a grape and berry flavour packed into a 30ml bottle and using MCT oil as the carrier.

29) Cubid CBD

Cubid has a growing reputation here in the UK, becoming an increasingly popular option for those who like the peppermint flavour, priced at £34.99 and coming in a 30ml bottle.

30) Evopure Hemp Oil

Evopure are a very interesting brand, but with just 300mg of CBD in the bottle, this is for those looking for a starter option and are on the lower end of the budget.

31) All Round CBD Lemon Hemp Oil

Unlike the electric lemon by Tailored Wellbeing, this one was quite sharp, like doing a shot of lemon juice. The taste put me off this product, but there are plenty of great options by All Round CBD that are worth considering, most notably the turmeric one for the curcumin dosage.

32) Truverra Organic CBD Oil

I’ve tried a hefty amount of products by Truverra, many of which I was highly impressed by, but I didn’t quite get the effect I desired with this CBD oil, potentially due to the low quantity of CBD. This is another which would be a good consideration for those on a low budget.

33) All Round CBD Peppermint

This is certainly the one for those on a tight shoestring budget, priced at a mere £19.99, you will struggle to find cheaper! Of course, the reason why is because it contains 250mg of CBD, so you get what you pay for.

34) Uncle Bud’s Industrial Hemp

I’ll be honest, despite the hefty price tag and the big reputation, I was left disappointed with this one. It didn’t have the desired effect when I took it, while I struggled with the flavour quite a bit.

35) Love CBD

This one started off as a decent oil, but the spray ended up causing all ends of issues, from leaking to not working properly, a bad aroma coming from it after a period of time and generally not offering the desired effect.



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