There are so many CBD oils available in the UK, it is hard to know where to start or which one to choose from. Here I will try to detail all of the different CBD oil’s I have tried, their various metrics and quantities and then I’ll detail below a bit of a breakdown on what you should be considering.

Product NameProduct ImageRatingReviewPriceCBD MGFlavourSize MLCarrier OilPurchase
Montana No.1 CBDmontana-no1-cbd8.4Blog Review£751,500Unflavoured15MCT oil
Orange County CBD Oilorange county cbd oil8.4Blog Review£601,500Unflavoured30MCT OilBuy Me
Eir Health No.30eir-health-no308.2Blog Review£1483,000Unflavoured30MCT oilBuy Me
Hapi Hemphapi-hemp-oil8.2Blog Review£56.991,500Unflavoured10MCT oil
CBDFX Lychee Lemon Kiwi Hempcbdfx-lychee-oil8.1Blog Review£29.99500Lychee Lemon Kiwi30MCT oilBuy Me
Raya Organics Multivitamin CBD Oilraya-organics-cbd-oil8.1Blog Review£34.99500Natural Flavourings30MCT oilBuy Me
All Round CBD Turmeric Infused Hemp Oilturmeric infused hemp oil8.0Blog Review£34.99500Turmeric10MCT oil
Celtic Wind CBD Oilceltic wind cbd oil7.9Blog Review£99.992,000Unflavoured20-
Flora Farmacy CBD Oilflora farmacy cbd oil7.7Blog Review£49.991,000Unflavoured10MCT OilBuy Me
I Am Truthi am truth cbd oil7.7Blog Review£49.991,000Unflavoured10
All Round CBD Lemon Hemp Oillemon hemp oil7.7Blog Review£29.99500Lemon10MCT oil
Tailored Wellbeing CBD Cherry Dropscherry-drops7.6Blog Review£59.991,000Cherry Drops30MCT OilBuy Me
CBDFX Lemon Lime Mintcbd-lemon-lime-mint7.6Blog Review£29.99500Lemon Lime Mint30MCT OilBuy Me
CBD One Absorb Pure+absorb plus+7.5Blog Review£69.99800Unflavoured10
CBDFX Hemp + MCT Oilcbdfx-hemp-mct-oil7.5Blog Review£29.99500Unflavoured30MCT OilBuy Me
All Round CBD Hemp Oil Originalhemp oil original7.4Blog Review£39.991,000Unflavoured10MCT Oil
American Indican Blueberry OGblueberry-og-27.3Blog ReviewNA500Blueberry30MCT oil
Superganix Hemp Oilsuperganix-17.3Blog Review$59.99500Mint30Buy Me
Hemptouch CBD Oil Amberhemptouch-amber7.3Blog Review£32500Unflavoured10Olive OilBuy Me
American Indican G-Daddy Purpsamerican indican grape7.2Blog ReviewNA500grape and berry30MCT oil
Cubid CBDcubid cbd oil7.1Blog Review£34.99500Peppermint30-
Evopure Full Spectrum Hemp Oilevopure_single_bottle-e15797.0Blog Review£24.99300Unflavoured10Buy Me
Truverra Organic CBD Oiltruverra cbd oil6.9Blog Review£22.99300Unflavoured10
V Savi CBD Drops6.8Blog Review£27.99500Unflavoured10Olive Oil
Uncle Bud's Industrial Hempuncle-buds-26.7Blog Review£71.99750Peppermint30-
Love CBDlove cbd product6.6Blog Review£28.99500Unflavoured20Olive OilBuy Me
All Round CBD Peppermint Hemp Oilall-round-peppermint6.5Blog Review£19.99250Peppermint10MCT oil

Choosing The Right One


You need to remember that price is relative. I considered putting up a consistent size and quantity of CBD so that you got a clear image of price in comparison, but the fact is I have tried these at different quantities and they don’t all offer the exact same sizes and quantities of CBD.

You shouldn’t let price be the biggest factor, there are so many more important elements to focus on, however if you are starting out and don’t want to spend too much then there are some cheaper options. You can rest assured I won’t list any low quality brands you should avoid, so no dodgy ones at extremely low prices and questionable lab results

Lab Results

When going on their website, they should either detail out their third party lab results, or you should be able to request them very easily. If you can’t get hold of them, then this should ring alarm bells in your head. I certainly wouldn’t trust a single brand that didn’t provide them for me when I was reviewing the products. I’ve written a guide to reading a certificate of analysis, as I know it has left a lot of people stumped when they first see it. In fact, it left me a little fuzzled the first time, but looking at them on a daily basis has made it all a little easier.


In general, I prefer an unflavoured option, as these are better value for money and tend to go a lot further, with much greater results. Having said that, a lot of people struggle with the taste of CBD oil, therefore it can help opting for a flavoured option. I’m not sure why peppermint seems to be the go-to flavour, but I’m yet to try a different flavour option.

Carrier Oil

You’ll notice I’ve highlighted carrier oil as a consideration, this is because I don’t think enough people look into this. In multiple studies, the best option to enhance bio availability is MCT oil, which is something I consume at the same time as taking the CBD oil. You need some form of fat source, while many of the brands use olive oil, not too bad but definitely not as good as MCT oil. I have also written a guide on the best carrier oil for CBD oil.

Keeping Up To Date

I am testing a huge amount of products and have a backlog of products waiting to be reviewed, therefore this page will be updated regularly to ensure any new CBD oils are considered in the list.

I will also be doing follow up guides on the best CBD edibles and the best CBD teas, so make sure to look out for them.


I’ve certainly not tried them all (there must be thousands in the UK alone), therefore if you have a recommendation, please do send it in to me and I’d love to give it a try and add it to the list, along with a review article.


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