I wanted to find and build a bit of a community around people who had a keen interest in the CBD industry, but more I looked, more I struggled to find other CBD bloggers that weren’t associated with a brand. I therefore decided to create a list of bloggers and influencers that talk on the subject, without a direct connection to a brand or company, allowing them to offer a free and open review on any CBD products. If I’ve missed anyone out that you feel should make the list, don’t hesitate to get in contact and let me know, I’d be more than happy to update the blog.

CBD Sloth

OK, I was always going to put myself first, guilty! I started at the beginning of 2019, with the hope to help offer more transparency on the industry, to guide people to purchase the best products for them and to explore the curious world of CBD.



This UK blog has grown exponentially, largely thanks to their booming YouTube channel, which now has almost 24,000 subscribers (at time of writing), averaging just over 1,000 views per video. They argue for cannabis to be legalised here in the UK, they offer product reviews and they give tips and guidance, as well as cooking tips and some very funny posts on top.

CBD School

Another which has built a loyal following on YouTube (over 17,000 subs), he’s nicknamed the CBD Professor, as he offers guidance on all the questions that pop up, from what is the entourage effect to about batch testing.


Dr Michele Ross

Certainly the most qualified of the group to talk on the subject, Dr Ross has a PhD, an MBA, she’s a neuroscientist and a health coach. She regularly pushes plant based medicine as a way to tackle chronic illnesses, in order to help people live the best life possible for them. She’s written a number of bestselling books on the subject and appeared on a number of shows, so she’s certainly a big name in the industry.


Andy Warner

I actually spoke to Andy Warner about 6 months ago (not sure if he’ll remember) and he’s a very honest and genuine guy, working as a photographer, but with a strong interest in the industry. He has a growing YouTube channel, with a following of 1,500, while he has reviewed some of the products you can get in the UK market, as well as talking about the subject of CBD as a potential treatment for depression. His videos are great and very down to earth, so I’d recommend heading over and having a watch.


I’ll continue to build this list over time, but so many are too closely connected to a single CBD brand, making it hard to genuinely consider them, but there are plenty more out there trying to share information on the subject. Keep an eye on this list, as it will build with time.


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