I have spoken to numerous people who are looking to enter the CBD industry and many are intrigued about the various affiliate programs, whether they’ll see ROI and how long it will take to rank, so I thought I’d share my knowledge of the various CBD affiliate programs. I also wanted to do this as every result on Google was around American CBD brands or US based affiliate programs, which largely didn’t operate for UK based partners.

I’ve also sorted the CBD Affiliate Programs by commission.


Superganix are a Colorado based CBD brand which puts a lot of its focus on volunteering and becoming a zero waste company. They sell a CBD tincture, however they are planning on launching both a cream and a balm in the near future.


Hemp Oil

Affiliate Site: https://superganix.com/affiliate-program

Commission: 30%

Raya Organics

The perfect option for those looking for more than just a CBD oil, Raya Organics provide you with multivitamins and taste surprisingly nice. I do love that they use recycled paper in their packaging.


Multivitamin CBD Oil

Affiliate site: https://cbdpartners.online/

Commission: 26%

Eir Health

Beautifully designed and a premium level product, Eir Health pride themselves on being one of the most respected brands in the industry.


No.3, No.6 and No.30 CBD oil

Affiliate site: https://eirhealth.tapfiliate.com/

Commission: 20%


Easily one of the biggest CBD brands in the world, sold in almost every country it’s legal to do so, CBDFX has a vast range of products and it’s increasing with time.


Hemp Rose Face Mask

Hemp Charcoal Face Mask

Lychee Lemon Kiwi Hemp CBD Oil

Hemp Aloe Vera Face Mask

Berry Chill Shot

Turmeric & Spirulina Hemp Gummies

Mixed Berry Hemp Gummies

Hemp Cucumber Face Mask

Lavender Night Face Mask

Hemp & MCT Oil

Affiliate site: https://manage.revoffers.com/

Commission: 20%


This slick looking full spectrum CBD oil brand only has two products currently in their range, but this will undoubtedly grow with time, focusing on personal nutrition and with an environmental focus.


To go live soon.

Affiliate site: https://www.evopure.co.uk/affiliate-area/

Commission: 20%


Budslife is known for their patches, an innovative business offering 8-10 hours of CBD release.


CBD Patches

Affiliate site: https://cbdpartners.online/

Commission: 19%

Love CBD

This was the first ever CBD oil I tried, an original before the mad rush came around.


Love CBD Oil

Affiliate site: https://www.lovecbd.org/affiliate-area/

Commission: 15%


Another first, this was my first CBD vaping pen and pod, trying it back in May 2019.


Calyfx Vape Pens and Pods

Affiliate site: https://www.calyfx.co.uk/affiliate-home/affiliate-login/

Commission: 15%


Hemp Touch are an interesting brand, combining topical treatments with your traditional CBD oils.


CBD Oil Amber

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm

Affiliate site: https://www.hemptouch.com/affiliate

Commission: 15%

All Round CBD

All Round CBD have a wide array of CBD oils to try from, with the turmeric one working well for me. They also offer capsules if this would work better for you.


Hemp Oil Original

Peppermint Hemp Oil

Turmeric Infused Hemp Oil

Anytime CBD Oral Spray

Lemon Hemp Oil

CBD Aqua Drops

Affiliate site: https://allroundcbd.refersion.com/

Commission: 10%

I will be adding to this list over time. There are a huge number of affiliate programs out there, but I don’t like to list them unless I’ve dealt with them personally and I feel secure with them. I cannot express the number of shady American based affiliate programs that I 100% refuse to list.

How Do I Get Started As A CBD Affiliate?

There are a number of methods, such as social media posting and PPC, however the most important aspect is to build a website. You should then focus on building out a content strategy, helping you to rank for a number of these products.

I Run A CBD Brand, Why Should I Run An Affiliate Program?

Look at your sources of traffic, you have a core customer base, you’re getting some visits through Google, while you’re also running some ads, but there is a huge potential customer base that you’re not currently reaching. Bloggers and influencers can help you to reach these people and increase your sales. The other added benefit is you don’t have to commit anything financially unless they bring you a sale.

How Much Commission Should A Brand Offer?

This is very much dependent on the industry and the average cost of a sale. For example, if it’s for a low cost product then the commission can be 20-40%, whereas if it’s a high cost item like a holiday then it’s often between 1-10%. Software has no real costs, so they will often offer 40-60% commission. In the CBD industry, the average seems to be around 20%. This includes other brands I’ve investigated or affiliate programs I haven’t yet signed up to.

How Popular Is CBD Oil?

The CBD industry doubled in size in 2018 in the UK and doubled again in 2019, highlighting the exponential growth. 2020 was hit by Coronavirus, impacting production and deliveries, however it’s still predicted to achieve a strong level of growth.

What Is A Super Affiliate?

Something I hope to achieve with the companies I work with, a super affiliate is one that brings a large number of sales to the businesses that they work with. They tend to get sent gifts or additional items in recognition of their work. I’ve previously run an affiliate program for a travel brand and 80% of their affiliate sales came from one website, therefore they were held in high regard by us and I would meet with them occasionally to talk through new destinations and activities, as well as treating them to lunch.

How Much Can You Earn From A CBD Affiliate Website?

The one answer I can give is it varies drastically. I’ve met affiliates who do it in their spare time and earn a mere £10 a year. I’ve also met an affiliate at a conference who earns close to £1,000,000 per year! You can therefore see the variance in payment isn’t balanced, a huge part will come down to your time availability, an element of luck will play in, but you need to have a strong marketing and growth strategy.

Being an affiliate can certainly be a full time job, but it might take 1-2 years for your website to get to the level where you can quit the main job.

What Are The Benefits Of Being An Affiliate?

The main benefit is that you can earn money working for yourself. Who needs a boss anymore? You also don’t have to answer to anyone, the client will be grateful for any traffic and quotes you’re sending through, so there is no requirement to meet their demands.

Another benefit is the lack of need to send products out, you’re merely directing potential customers to the brand’s website.

But also, you hold all the cards, you must be honest and true with all of your product reviews. I’ve been sent a couple of products that I refused to post a review as I didn’t like the products. If you don’t want to review them, you’re under no obligation to do so.

But the best part about being an affiliate is that it is passive income. By this I mean you could do no work all day, but your website has earned you £100. This means once you get it to a certain level, you could go on a 2 week beach holiday and return to a hefty amount in your bank account, with the website working for you.

In fact, talking of holiday, you can work simply anywhere, so you can bring your laptop, turn it on for an hour in the morning, then spend the rest of the day by the beach.

What Are The Negatives To Being An Affiliate?

I didn’t get the amount of traffic I’m gaining overnight. The website has been going for over a year and the traffic jumps each and every month, based on a consistent marketing strategy. You need to be patient, hard working and dedicated.

You also don’t have any control over the other brands. By this, I mean what if a brand was found to do something unethical, you have no control over them, or if they deliver the products on time or mess over a customer.

A common negative is normally how competitive it can be, trying to become the number one in your industry. However, the CBD industry is still in its infancy and there aren’t too many affiliates currently.

Also, if there is any information you’d like to know that I’ve left off, such as payment method or time till payment, or if you’re curious about if they require a minimum to make a payment, do let me know and I’ll try to add this all.


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