We’re all a sucker for a good discount code, I love a saving (albeit I have an absolute hatred for Black Friday). I know it can be daunting when buying your first CBD oil, especially when you see some of the hefty prices, let alone if you want a product with a high quantity of CBD, so I’ve tried to list all the best voucher codes for the different CBD brands I’ve worked with.

The links I’ve added include an affiliate link to these brands, I hope you don’t mind, but you get a saving and I also get a little commission! It helps me to carry on working on the site and finding the best deals for you.

BrandPercentageDiscount CodeBuy Here
Four Five CBD15%FF15Buy Here
Bud & Tender10%CBDSLOTH10Buy Here
Green Roads CBD10%CBDsloth10Buy Here
Medterra10%CBDSLOTH10Buy Here
Elite Mii10%TOMBOURLETBuy Here
Dona Sofia20%DSSLOTH20Buy Here
Endoca10%CBDPARTNERS10Buy Here
Zen Bears10%tom10Buy Here
The Tincture Club10%cbdsloth10Buy Here
I Am Truth CBD20%TOM10
Herts Hemp15%CBDSLOTH15
Hempura5%CBDSLOTH5Buy Here

FourFiveCBD Discount Code

fourfive CBD Oil

Four Five CBD is a fast growing UK based CBD brand which focuses its target market around athletes or anyone looking to recover their muscles or dealing with any form of chronic pain. The discount code provided will give you 15% off when used through the link provided.

Code: FF15

Website: Click Here

I Am Truth CBD Discount Code

i am truth cbd oil

Train, Recover, Repeat is their motto, being a CBD brand made for athletes to help with their recovery. To date, I have tested out their CBD oil, however they also have other products, such as their CBD gummies, joint balm and recovery cream.

Code: TOM10

Website: Click Here

Bud & Tender Discount Code

bud & Tender CBD oil

Bud & Tender is a UK based brand with a strong focus on producing the highest quality possible. They utilise an accredited ISO 17025 lab for testing and have an oil that will leave you drifting off to sleep. I hope to see this brand come out with a number of new products in the future.


Website: Click Here

Green Roads Coupon Code

green roads cbd oil

Green Roads is easily one of the biggest brands in the USA, while I’m happy to see their product range break the UK market as I’m a huge fan! Oddly, despite being unflavoured, their CBD oil actually tastes amazing, while their products work so well!

Code: CBDsloth10

Website: Click Here

Medterra Coupon Code

medterra immune boost

Medterra have a vast range of exciting products, but I’ve kicked off with their Immune Boost CBD oil, which packs more than your average oil, with added Vitamin C, Elderberry, Echinacea and Ginger Root.


Website: Click Here

Elite Mii Coupon Code


I’ve had the fortune to try a number of products by Elitemii, including their CBD oil, capsules, massage oil and balm, while I’ve loved them all! Seriously, the scent and feel from the massage oil was amazing, while it was also a good excuse to ask the mrs for a massage for research purposes!


Website: Click Here

Dona Sofia Discount Code

How can you say no to an alcoholic option, so I very much enjoyed reviewing these. They’re incredibly decently priced considering they contain CBD, while it’s a chance for a cheeky G&T.


Website: Click Here

Endoca Coupon Code


Endoca has a wide range of products, but my favourite is their whipped body butter. It wasn’t as soft as I expected, but it smells gorgeously of vanilla. Seriously, everyone kept commenting on how good I smelt, so that’s a nice added bonus to a product packed full of CBD.


Website: Click Here

Zen Bears Discount Code

zen bears

Who doesn’t love CBD gummies? Seriously, you feel like a child eating sweets and yet you’re being good to yourself. I love reviewing gummies and this brand is purely focused on these gelatine based gems.

Code: tom10

Website: Click Here

The Tincture Club Coupon Code


Following a completely different business model to the other brands on this list, the Tincture Club went against the grain and introduced a subscription model at an incredibly low price.

Code: cbdsloth10

Website: Click Here

Herts Hemp Discount Code

herts hemp cbd oil

I love this brand largely for their CBG oil, an absolute must-try. Even their CBD oil has a higher quantity of CBG than many other brands provide.


Fika CBD Discount Code


I love a good CBD recovery cream to help me following workouts, especially as I have a hefty list of injuries in my past, from my ankle to my rotator cuffs, so anything that can both help me reduce DOMS and offer some pain relief is a must.


Hempura Discount Code


Hempura aren’t afraid to enter new areas, such as their CBD white chocolate, while I have no doubt you will see some new product launches in the following years.


Website: Click Here

Why Opt For A Code?

CBD based products are very expensive, however you can get a decent amount knocked off with a coupon code. This will also allow you to try other brands based on which is offering the best deal.

How Much Do You Normally Save?

You can often find discount codes varying from 5-20%. I will do my best to list them all here and arrange this with all brands I speak to.



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